This past year has presented challenges, lessons and hopefully growth for us as a global community. One thing many have discovered is their home is more than where they lay their head for sleep. It has become the place where we work, dine, create, teach, exercise, rest and retreat. And for a lot of us, we have had ample time to really take in our spaces and reflect on their functionality. I have met with homeowners who tackled the closets, one by one, clearing out the clutter to create more serene storage spaces. I have met with homeowners who have decided, after years of putting up with it because ‘it’s just the laundry room/dumping ground’ have made the decision to install custom cabinetry providing designated areas for cleaning supplies, crafts, beach towels, gift wrapping materials and yes even a junk drawer. I have met with homeowners who have gifted themselves a thoughtfully appointed custom pantry… finally chucking the dysfunctional wire system. When everything has a place, and everything is in its place, everyday stress is reduced. One less thing. We’ve always known custom closet and storage is a great investment for your house. It is also an investment for your health as it eases anxiety. Rather than brace yourself for the onslaught of a massive mess before opening the closet door, imagine a sense of calm knowing you will find exactly what you’re after. The chore of folding and hanging your clothes may even become pleasurable… a meditation on simplicity. Likewise, for unpacking the large grocery delivery. The best pantry is one where we can see what we have in stock so we know what to add to the shopping list. How have you improved the day-to-day storage systems in your home? Inspire us with images of your organized spaces on our social media platforms!