This is what I hear from our clients: working from home is here to stay. For some it may mean full time office hours logged remotely and for others it is a hybrid of working a couple of days each week in the office and the remaining days at home. If you are spending at least 10 hours weekly in front of a computer screen at home for your job, you are working from home. Many people have the luxury of a designated home office, study or spare bedroom where they can set up shop. For some, this space has already been claimed by one worker bee and now two worker bees need a quiet place to focus. For others, there is simply no room. We can help get creative in underutilized areas of the home to carve out space for work. I have seen some things… just because you put your laptop on a bedside table does not make said table a desk. Printers do not belong on the floor. Stacked bankers boxes in the corner of the dining room are neither aesthetically pleasing nor functional for paperwork you need to access. However, I have one client who takes her zoom meetings in her spacious custom closet because it is the quietest room in the house (hello toddlers!), and I fully support that decision as it led to some great referrals . Set yourself up for success with an appropriately sized desk with ample room to spread out. Customized desks or wall units should include file drawers, office supply storage and a safe place for the printer as well as all the cables. If the area needs to pull double (or triple) duty for homeschooling or online learning, let’s make sure it meets everyone’s needs. And don’t forget space for personal items, inspirational messages or simply some empty wall space for the eyes and mind to rest. #wfh